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New Arrivals

  • Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta Hindi-Sanskrit (Gorkhpur Press) (Download)
  • Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta (Punjabi-Sanskrit Meanings) (Download)
  • Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta (English-Exact Translation) (Download)
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib – (Punjabi ) (Download)
  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib – (Hindi) (Download)
  • Mahabharat (Hindi ) 271mb  (Download)
  • Ramayan (Hindi-Sanskrit) 182mb (Download)
  • Ramayan (Tamil) (Download)
  • Ramcharitmanas (English) (Download)
  • Devi Bhagwat (Sanskrit Only) (Download)
  • Kalki Puran (Hindi and Sanskrit) (Download)
  • Manusmriti (English) (Download)
  • Vimanika Shaster (Hindi-Sanskrit) विमानिका शस्त्र (Download)
  • Narayan Kwach नारायण कवच  (Hindi-Sanskrit) (Fit to Smartphone Screen Size) (Download)

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Important !

If you have copy of any lost Vedpuran or manuscript then you can also contribute by sending it to us. You can send it in any Digital format to us, we will process.

Just Upload Files to your Google Drive and share with while uploading file also upload A separate document with your name, location and contact Information.

कैसे भेजे हमे अपने फाइल

यदि आपके पास कोई ऐसा पुराण अथवा ग्रन्थ है जो साधारण रूप से कहीं भी उपलब्ध नहीं है और आप अपना योगदान देना चाहते हैं  तो अपने फाइल को अपने गूगल ड्राइव पे अपलोड करें और इस ईमेल के साथ शेयर करें  जब फाइल अपलोड करें तो साथ में अपनी जानकारी भी दें जिसमे  आपके नाम , स्थान और सम्पर्क दिए हों |

Books Send By You to VedPuran

 By Eklavya Bansal

  • Aryabhatiya (English) (Download)
  • Bhrigu Samhita – फलित दर्पण  (Hindi PDF) 110mb (Download) – Compiled Version (Original Writer Maharishi Bhrigu-Translated by Rajesh Dixit)
  • Durga Saptashati (Hindi) (Download)
  • Durga Saptashati (Sanskrit) (Download)

By Ravi Gaurav Pandey

By Yogendra Mishra

By  Varun Modi and Sangeeta Modi

By Hardik Kothari

  • 108 Upanishads With Upanishad Brahmam Commentary (Download)
  • Arthved -Good Quality (Download)
  • Rigved – Good Quality (Download)
  • Yugrved – Good Quality (Download)
  • Mahabharat Gorkhpur Press (Vol-1 to 12) 709 mb and 7250 pages (Download) – To download use save link as option or download manager. Before Downloading large file you can download 4 pages sample file to check quality (Download Sample 4 Pages) your pc must have latest version of pdf is installed and have at least 2gb ram to open this file. This file is in high quality scan.

By Vishal Goswami

By Divy Sitlani

  • Chanakya Sutrani – Sanskrit text with Hindi Commentary (Download)

By John Carter

By Mukesh Dadhaniya

By Rajesh Kumar Dehradun

  • Arogyanidhii (आरोग्य निधि ) (Download Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Divya prerna prakash (दिव्य प्रेरणा प्रकाश) (Download)

By Swapnil Akolkar

  • Tuka ram Gatha (तुकाराम गाथा) – Sanskrit (Download)

By Aniket Gargelwar Kanpur

  • Vishnu Puran English – Digitized By Google (Download)

By Chandra shekher katiyar Ambikapur

By Jatin Goyal – Nabha Pataila

By hemant kumar deshmukh – Bhilai Nagar

By Pravin P Chauhan

By Jaison Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu

By Om Asthana Bangalore

  • Vimanika Shastra (English Translation) (Download)

By Aman

  • Nitnem in Devanagari with Transliteration & English Translation (Download)

By Rajeev Sharma’s Translation, Rajasthan

  • Hanuman Chalisa Translation in Marwari (Download)

By  Prasant Kumar Sahay, Kolkata

  • Gheranda Samhita by S C Vasu (Sanskrit-English) (Download)

By Shrwan Jha

  • Research Report on Vedpuran – Inside Mysteries In Veds Hindi – (Download)

By Hemant Deshmukh


By Bavakuru from Jaffna

By Amandeep Singh – Muktsar – Punjab

By Manish –  Uttrakashi

By Sunil Kumar Singh – sonebhadra

By Premananda Behera – Abu Dhabi

  • Atharva Veda published in 1905 by Harvard University – English – (Download)

By Rajesh Sharma – Faridabad

By Gaurav DabhiVallabhvidyanagar

By Vaibhav Ghodke – Indore

By Amit Mishra – Pune

By Manoranjan Moharana – Damanjodi

  • Gita in Odia – (Download) (Under Process of Recheck)

By Chiranjeev Rajkhowa – Sivasagar

By Sandeep Bhan – Delhi

Reports of Scientific Research conducted on OM (English)

By Kanak – Pune

By Gurpreet Singh – Vadodara

  • Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Gurmukhi, with Index – (Download)

By Santosh Vyas – Jodhpur

  • Gopi Geet In Sanskrit,Gujarati, Hindi & English Lyrics and Text – (Download)

By Avinandan Bose

  • Pratisarga Parva – Third Khand – English (Download)

By Umesh Gupta – New Delhi

By Mahesh Vaidya – Pune, Maharahtra

  • Geeta Marathi Translated by Gnyaneshwari (Download)

By Parul Airon

  • Introduction to Vedanta by Swami Dayananda -English (Download)
  • Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man by Gopi Krishna -English (Download)
  • Laghu yoga vasishta -English (Download)
  • Mantreswaras Phaladeeplka -English (Download)
  • Vedanta Sutras with the Commentary by Sankaracharya -English (Download)

By Gurvindra Singh – New Delhi             

All Sikh Guru History in Hindi

More Information in Hindi

By Tejas Pandya, Nagpur

  • Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra English (Download)

By Dr. B.K. Shrivastav – Dhanbad

जब आप किताब को सीधा पढ़े तो रामायण की कथा पढ़ी जाए और जब उसी किताब में लिखे शब्दों को उल्टा करके पढ़े तो कृष्ण भागवत की कथा सुनाई दे। कांचीपुरम के 17वीं शती के कवि वेंकटाध्वरि रचित ग्रन्थ राघवयादवीयम् ऐसा ही एक अद्भुत ग्रन्थ है। इस ग्रन्थ को ‘अनुलोमविलोम काव्य’ भी कहा जाता है।

  • Anulom-Vilom kavya or Raghavyadviyam अनुलोमविलोम काव्य – Hindi – Sanskrit (Download)

By Dr Ch Sivarama Krishna Sharma- Hyderabad

Famous scholar Swamy dayananda saraswathi swamy condemned Vigraharadhana, Sayanacharaya’s bhashya , Shankara Bhashya and all branches of hindu religion and traditions in his writings. This book answers all his confutation with proof and also serves as a reference book for the seekers aspiring to digest the theme of Sanathana Dharma and to reinforce their faith in the wisdom of our ancestors

  • Satyarthaprakasa – सत्यप्रकाश – (Original in Telugu Translated to Hindi)  (Download)

By Inder Singh – Jodhpur

  • Swami Narayan Vachnamrit -स्वामी नारायण वचनामृत – Gujarati – (Download)

By Manjari – Viborg

  • Arthur Avalon Kularnava Tantra English – (Download)

 By Nirankari – Delhi

Hindi – जिस प्रकार अर्जुन और भगवान कृष्ण के बीच हुए संवाद को गीता के रूप में जाना जाता है उसी तरह श्री राम चन्द्र और महर्षि योग विशिष्ट के बीच हुए संवाद को श्री योगवासिष्ठ महारामायण के नाम से जाना जाता हैं | इसमें उसी का वर्णन है |

English – As the Conversations between Arjun and Lord Krishna is known as Geeta, same Conversations between Lord Ram and Maharishi Yogvashisth is known as Shri YogVasisth Maharamayan.  

श्री योगवासिष्ठ महारामायण

By Sanjay Wattal – Dubai

  • Nilmat Puran (Ancient History of Kashmir) Sanskrit Only – (Download)

By Sumesh Singh – Udaipur

  • Vraja Mandala Parikrama 2ed – ब्रज मंडल परिक्रमा – (Hindi) ब्रज मंडल परिक्रमा (Download)
  • Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki siksa 4th ed -चेतन्य महाप्रभु की शिक्षा (Hindi) (Download)
  • Harinam Mahamantar 10th ed – हरी नाम महामंत्र – (Hindi) (Download)

By Vikrant Kaushish – Noida 

  • Shiva Swarodaya (श्री शिवपार्वती सवांद) (Sanskrit-Hindi) (Download)

By Utkarsh Mahajan – Anand 

All Chalisa in Hindi


Note: Who Uploaded their books before January 2015  to February 2016

They can visit and check their book by entering email. All Selected books received since 2015 are updated Now and all data safe with us. We upgrading our system while you send it via Google Drive.

Last Update July 2016

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